Children’s Wing

The Confraternity has established and is coordinating the activities of the CHILDREN’S WING within the Archdiocese. It is aimed at starting early to engage the children in activities that will draw them closer to God, by teaching them the Prayers to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and the virtues of Our Lady, organize spiritual/social activities for OLK twice in a year and finances all the activities of the CHILDREN’S WING through the solicitation of freewill donations and/or the Confraternity’s purse where possible.


Our Evangelism committee has been able to penetrate so many parishes and initiated talks to establish or consolidate the confraternity where it’s already known. This is quite encouraging!


Our faith formation are the practices and opportunities we engage in, during our novenas, weekly prayers or special programs such as praying, reflecting/learning, celebrating, and serving–that engage us as a community in lifelong Christian formation and ongoing spiritual growth.

These achievements could not have been possible without a team work spirit exhibited by the current EXCO, Standing and Ad-hoc committee members and the entire members under the good advice of our Chaplain and some dedicated patrons. We thank God for this winning team and hope to achieve more in the coming years.