There are only three things that we can give in our service of the Lord. Truthfully, they are not even ours to offer, they are only ours to offer back. The Lord owns all that is and we can give Him nothing that isn’t already His.

TIME: Some of us – or each of us at some times in our hectic lives – are blessed with the gift of Time, whether it’s a few hours once a week or some other piece of time which has not been eaten up by the necessities of our busy lives. We are called to consider filling those periods of time with some act of service, like society functions, attending meetings. Have I been faithful or have I allowed myself not to be involved, for others to be recycled? We rob God of these things all the time when we declare that we are too busy.


TALENT: All of us have been blessed with some skill or Talent e.g. to think strategically & organize plans and events, to impart your knowledge and teach others, etc. Remember what Jesus said about not hiding your light under a bushel! But sometimes we think that our “talent” is not good enough. Am sure that we have everything we need in our Confraternity while urging us to come and serve in which ever capacity you are called upon to for the success of our Conference.

TREASURE: In these turbulent economic times, we appreciate most gratefully your gifts of your material Treasure, as we know that there is often a decisive sacrifice involved. Many of us wonder if our “Widow’s Mite” makes any difference. Please be assured that every monetary gift towards achieving this Conference, no matter the size, is a significant part of the greater whole of our financial stability. Generosity is not measured by the size of the donation but by the size of the giving heart!

I’m asking everyone right now to pray and ask Mary where they stand in their service to Her. Am I making adequate use of my time, my talents, or my treasure in order to MAKE HER KNOWN?  Be faithful to give out your 3 T’s and She’ll be faithful in blessing you.