Mass Booking

Instructions (Please read):

The form below are for those who wish to book masses and pay with their credit or debit (ATM) Mastercard, VISA and Verve cards.

For those who want to book masses and pay through the bank, kindly click here to view our bank details and other related instructions.

You can use the form below to have masses booked and said for your intentions. Do note that all fields marked ‘*’ in red are compulsory and need to be filled.

In the ‘Amount (NGN) *’ section, choose weather you are booking 1 Week masses (costs N900), 1 Month masses (costs N3,000) or 1 Year masses (costs N36,500).

In the ‘Recuring Payment’ section, choose if you want to be booking the above amount of masses Weekly, Monthly or Annually. Note that you will be billed the same amount weekly, monthly or annually if you so choose. If you do not want to be booking the same masses often, then please select ‘None’ in the ‘Recuring Payment’ section.

* are compulsory